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Department Of English
Department Profile

The PG department of English was established at Majlis college as a general department with the inception of the college in 1995,  with an end to provide value-based quality education in English language and literature to the student community of the surrounding area.  The department was started as the UG department in 2002 with the implementation of BA Functional English and upgraded as PG department in 2013 with the introduction of MA. English language and literature. The department is equipped with multiple teaching-learning facilities like an Audio-visual hall, digital classrooms, department library, etc.. which help to create a conducive learning atmosphere and ensure a lively learning experience. Besides, the faculty of the department evolve innovative strategies and techniques of teaching catering to the diverse needs of the new generation students thereby enhancing their academic excellence and promoting their holistic development. The department possesses a manpower of 18 faculty members to handle classes in English and other departments. Various programs like remedial coaching, peer group teaching, team teaching, career guidance, developing e-content for slow learners, etc..are practiced to empower the academic standards of the students. National, state level,  interdisciplinary, and department level seminars and workshops are regularly conducted to enhance the presentation skills of the students and to create an academic ambiance for the dynamic developments of the students aspiring doctoral research and to equip them with the fundamental knowledge in an academic presentation which is an indispensable necessity for doctoral pursuit.  The department has appointed a student dean exclusively for providing motivation sessions for the slow learners and high-level competition exam-based training for overachieving scholars. The Department of English with its 25 years of academic excellence, has contributed hundreds of efficient and talented students who can ensure dynamic changes in our society towards its prosperity and progress.