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Department Of Sociology
Department Profile

Department of Sociology is one of the most active academic conglomerations at the Majlis Arts & Science College. Department started its academic journey in 2015 with a handful eligible students. The dept. stands as the cornerstone of enlightened ideas and for strengthening democratic practices in the society and throughout the campus. Nuances encouraging humanity, human rights, gender justice, and solidarity to the marginalized and weak sections in the society are always promoted theoretically and practically. Building up of socially responsible and ideal citizens indebted to the nation and the community held as the prime duty and mission. Nurturing social values such as equality, fraternity and liberty and eliminating the social evils such as inequality and discrimination in the name of gender, caste, creed and religion among the learning community is a declared goal. An educated society with high sensitivity towards social empowerment and environmental protection deserved highest preference in the syllabus and practices. Department took initiatives at regular basis to organize workshops/seminars/conferences and orientation programs for civil services/competitive examinations/ higher education.