Head of the Departments


1. To assist the Principal in maintaining proper academic atmosphere and discipline in the college.

2. To design the Vision and Mission of the Department in consultation with the faculty in the Department.

3. To lead and manage the Department.

4. To be in charge of the functioning of the Department in academic and administrative matters.

5. To propose the annual plans/master plan of the concerned department for the next academic year in consultation with the teachers in the department and submit proposals to the Principal for submission to the College Governing Body.

6. Preparation of Department Time Table and allocation of topics as per syllabus, HoD should ensure that classes are engaged as per time table.

7. Publish monthly attendance of the students in all the classes and forward name(s) of students having shortage of attendance to the Principal before 5th of every month and inform their parents.

8. Submission of study tour proposal (if it is included in the University syllabus) through Principal one month in advance, for onward submission to Director of Collegiate Education.

9. Depute Teaching Staff/Non Teaching Staff (if permissible) for accompanying the study tour. One teacher must be a lady, if girl students are there.

10. Identifying the eligible students for various ‘New Initiative’ programmes with the assistance of the Co-ordinator of the Programmes for advanced learners and slow learners.

11. Assessment of the confidential Reports of the subordinate teaching staff.

12. Hold departmental meeting at least once in a month and record the same in the minutes.

13. Conduct Department /Class wise PTA meetings/tutorial Meetings/Mentor- Mentee meetings.

14. Maintain leave register for all the staff in the Department, Make proper entries in the leave register while forwarding the leave application to the Principal. Mark the leave in the attendance book soon after it is generated by the Principal

15. The Head of the Department will be custodian of all registers and maintain Department Stock Register for various stores in the Department unless it is not delegated to the subordinates. (Viz. Books, Computer & IT Equipments, Chemical, Furniture, Alcohol etc.)

16. Submit proposals for newly started courses (if any) in the Department or from alumni or any agency for procuring books, e journals, other equipments etc.

17. Identify internal and external mentors whenever necessary

18. Soft copy of all the documents submitted to the Principal may be kept in HoD’s custody for future reference.

19. HoD must ensure that the subordinate staff submits their leave application in advance and ‘On Duty Certificate’ etc. soon after rejoining the duty.

20. Communicate all the information received from the Principal and decisions of the College Council in the staff and if required to the students.

21. Attendance and CIE marks of the students are to be published in the Department notice board and the complaints, if any are to be resolved in time and then.

22. When on leave the HoD shall hand over the charge to the next senior most faculties in the department and the matter shall be intimated to the Principal well in advance.

23. Subordinate staff should submit their leave applications, Duty certificate, other applications, Proposals, Internal assessment marks, and request for purchase of books and articles, specimens etc. ONLY to the HoD. HoD has to submit to the Principal.

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