There is a registered Alumni Association  MASCOSA that contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and/or other support services.

The association has a unit in India and abroad as a large number of the alumni are working in foreign countries such as the USA, Europe, and Middle East countries. Alumni meetings are held in the college annually department-wise and college-wise.

The Alumni association has been active in contributing to their alma mater all these years towards academic and financial improvement. Nonfinancial contributions, involve campus placement and other placement assistance, giving coaching to students in arts and sports programmes etc. Alumni engagement is also seen in the industry-institution interface activity also.


  • Hari Krishnan, first batch 1995 student of BSc computer science, CEO of HK School Trenz recruited our final year students through a campus placement drive 2018.
  • Poland-based multinational company run by our alumni required four students of multimedia through campus placement online.
  • The international webinar was organized by the multimedia Alumni in which six resources persons were alumni.
  • Department of Physics organized a webinar on space week in which alumni was the resource person.
  • The alumni of the PG department of computer Science also organized Webinars on Android Application, Introduction to GIT, Penetration testing, and Cybersecurity Career opportunities.
  • Department of microbiology collaborates with a project laboratory of alumni to conduct project works with HPCC, and organised workshop in which resource person is alumni.

Financial/Material contribution

  • A drone camera (Rs1 lakh) was donated to the Multimedia laboratory by alumni. And it is registered and N-Listed by the Department of Civil Aviation.
  • A department library was sponsored by the alumni in the Multimedia department which has COHA and OPAC facility.
  • Rs 5 lakh was contributed for a kidney patient who is the mother of a student.
  • Alumni contributed Rs 33000 to students of the Computer science department for medical treatment.
  • The work of a Department Library is in progress by English Department Alumni.


There is a registered Alumni Association that contributes significantly to the development of the institution through financial and other support services. The association also keeps a close connection with the present students and assist them in their academic success and career planning etc.


MAJLISIA UAE Alumni Association

🎓 Welcome to the UAE Alumni Association of Majlis Arts and Science College (Autonomous)! Fondly known as MAJLISIA, our association is a vibrant community of graduates who have walked the halls of our esteemed institution. As alumni, we cherish the memories, bonds, and experiences that shaped our academic journey and beyond. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, MAJLISIA offers a platform for networking, collaboration, and lifelong learning. Join us as we celebrate our shared heritage, achievements, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, let's continue to uphold the spirit of excellence and innovation that defines our alma mater. Welcome to the MAJLISIA family! 🌟

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