Hostel Rules

Moulana Azad Women’s Hostel, run by the college, provides boarding and lodging to the girl students of the college. Girl students who are not day scholars and not staying with their guardians should stay in the hostel.

Warden: Dr. Mohammed Kutty Kakakkunnan (Principal)

Deputy Warden: Saranya Surendran, Assistant Professor, Media & Communication

Maulana Azad Women’s Hostel Rules

Maulana Azad Women’s Hostel Rules

Rules Description
Admission Procedure Accompanied by parents/guardian. All necessary documents and passport size photographs required.
Duration and Renewal Admission is for one academic year, renewable annually. Re-application required each year. Admission and readmission at the discretion of Management/Principal.
Cancellation of Admission Incorrect information or failure to meet eligibility criteria results in cancellation.
Fees and Charges Pay all fees and charges at admission. Mess charges and expenses due within 10 days of bill publication. Late payment incurs a fine of Rs.50/-.
Responsibilities Principal acts as Warden. Deputy Warden appointed by Warden. Maintain cleanliness. Proper attire required. Maintain dignity and silence during study hours.
Personal Belongings Bring own bedding and personal articles. Responsible for personal belongings.
Conduct and Discipline No defacing property. Disposal of sanitary items in provided containers. No water or electricity wastage.
Meal Timings Strict meal timings observed. Silence hours enforced during specified times.
Visitors and Communication No outsiders without permission. Limited use of mobile phones and laptops. Permission required for going out.
Disciplinary Actions Consequences for indiscipline or rule violations. Warden's discretion for admission, removal, or disciplinary actions.
Miscellaneous Restrictions on political activities. Prohibition of ragging, alcohol, narcotics, and smoking. Compliance with cyber laws. Expulsion for impolite behavior or repeated rule violations.

The Hostel is owned and operated by Majlis Education Complex, Majlis Nagar, Puramannur.

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