ED Club

Entrepreneurship Development Club

Entrepreneurship Development Club commonly called as ED Club is one of the vital ingredients of every academic institution. It promotes entrepreneurial skills and qualities among the youth and provides a platform for students to make their own innovation as well as expertise in various fields and there by contributing towards the economic wellbeing of the nation as a whole. The ED Club of Majlis Arts and Science college envisages at inculcating entrepreneurial culture amongst the youth in order to equip, encourage and inspire by providing the skills, techniques and confidence to act as forerunners of entrepreneurship.


  • To inculcate entrepreneurship culture among youth and equip them with the knowledge, skill, techniques, and confidence and to act as torchbearers of Enterprise for the new generation.
  • To inculcate integrity, hard work, discipline, honesty, etc, as constituents of Entrepreneurship.
  • To make students aware of the unlimited development potential of the state.
  • To expose students to various events related to industrial development, across the nation
  • To introduce talented youths to industrial research Organisations.

The Entrepreneurship Development Club (ED Club) is functioning with the intention to infuse creativity and innovation among our students. It is functioning with the intention of nurturing the entrepreneurship skills of the students. The club organizes seminars and short-term training programs for the students. The State Government is encouraging initiatives to promote entrepreneurship among the students. The Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala, in association with Education Department formulated a Scheme to set up “Entrepreneurship Development Clubs in colleges of the state to insulate “Entrepreneurship Culture “ among the Youth. The Entrepreneurship Development club is functioning in our college. The club organizes interactive sessions and workshops with successful entrepreneurs from outside as well as within the state, organizes industrial visits to business enterprises within the state, conducts exhibitions to explore the talents of the students.

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Assistant professor, Department of Commerce
Majlis Arts and Science college, Puramannur

Activities of ED Club

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