Majlis Observer

Majlis Observer Campus newspapers prepared by students are publications created and managed by students in the campus. These newspapers serve as a platform for students to express their views, share information, and report on campus events and issues. Here are some key aspects of student-run campus newspapers:

Content: Majlis Observer cover a wide range of topics, including campus news, student activities, sports, arts and culture, opinion pieces, features, and more. They often aim to reflect the diverse interests and concerns of the student population.

Staff: Majlis Observer usually consists of students who are interested in journalism, writing, editing, photography, and layout design. Positions may include editors, reporters, photographers, and business staff responsible for advertising and finances.

Training: Majlis Observer provide valuable hands-on experience for students interested in pursuing careers in journalism, media, communications, and related fields. Working for a student newspaper allows students to develop writing and editing skills, learn about the journalistic process, and gain practical experience in a newsroom environment.

Community Engagement: Majlis Observer often play a crucial role in fostering a sense of community on campus. They keep students informed about campus events, issues, and achievements, helping to create a shared identity among the student body.

Impact: Despite the challenges, Majlis Observer can have a significant impact on campus life. They provide a platform for students to voice their opinions, raise awareness about important issues, and contribute to a vibrant campus culture.





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