• To promote the awareness of the students towards the finer arts of the world
  • To give exposure to the students towards new exotic art forms from around the globe.
  • To help improve the communication skills, expressivity, and critical thinking power of its members

The Cultural Forum is the place for students to come and experience all  art forms - From Performance arts to fine arts, from dramatics to literature, from poetry to music and dance. Various events are conducted under this club which not only entertain but also enrich their understanding of different cultures and practices across the globe. The Teaching and Non Teaching staff and students are enrolled as members of the cultural forum. Under the cultural forum, an endowment is instituted to the best students in cultural and sports activities.



  • To provide a positive and productive atmosphere for developing students academic excellence
  • To give them ample opportunities to familiarize various writers, works, and periodicals

Readers’ Forum is a vibrant body that aims at the academic excellence through inculcating the reading habit into the students. The Forum constitutes students and teachers of the college belonging to various disciplines. It was formed under the auspices of the College Library. The move was originated from the apprehension that the students develop an aversion to reading by the advent of various forms of modern electronic media. The Forum provides the students with an ideal platform to discuss any book and publication of their choice.



To provide a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student creativity in writing

To integrate creativity in writing with learning

The Writers Forum is open to all students interested in creative writing - poetry, prose  fiction , plays, lyrics, songs,  graphic novels, and other genres. In addition, the club will teach students to harness creativity effectively with a variety of different contests or workshops and exercises so as to benefit an individual’s skill and competence as a writer. The forums secondary purpose is to provide a focused forum in which students can build a professional writing resume.



  • To organize discussions on long term and short plans and day to day economic policies adopted by the government.
  • To invite eminent persons to address the special meeting of the planning forum.
  • To organize debates, film shows, exhibitions, etc.
  • To take up such other activities as are proposed by the planning forum and approved by the principal.
  • To conduct socio-economic surveys for urban and rural areas.
  • To provide adequate facilities on development programmes, collect data for drawing up meaningful developmental organizations at the village, block and district level.
  • To develop plan consciousness among the educated youths and through them among the general public of the locality.

Planning Forum is an academic platform for the students. To ensure enrichment of knowledge of students, various programmes and contests such as Personality Contest, Quiz, Elocution, seminars debates, discussions etc. are being held under this forum.  Students are enrolled as members to study different aspects of five-year plans by conducting seminars, symposiums and to spread the message of planning among the public and help in the implementation of plan projects.

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