Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDC)

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres (IEDCs) are established in various educational institutions in Kerala, providing students with opportunities to innovate and experiment. Supported by Kerala Startup Mission, these centers serve as hubs for fostering entrepreneurship, offering resources like technology, infrastructure, mentorship, and funding. They play a crucial role in promoting innovation culture and entrepreneurship within Kerala's academic community.


To cultivate an innovation culture among innovators by introducing them to state-of-the-art technologies and positioning the institution as a learning and innovation platform, fostering technically competent and skilled entrepreneurs.


To establish IEDC as an innovation platform aimed at creating future founders, promoting innovation, technology, and business learning among the student community.

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Smart phone Technology Workshop
Paper Reusing and Utilization 
Opportunities on Digital Skills
How to Earn Save & Invest

MIIAW (Majlis Idea Innovation Awareness Week)

Design Thinking
LinguoTech Conclave
Talk Tango
Into the Fitverse

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