Institution Innovation Council (IIC)

Ministry of Education (formerly the Ministry of Human Resource Development) in India. The Innovation Cell aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty in higher education institutions.

Objective: The primary objective of the Institution Innovation Council is to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within educational institutions. This includes universities, colleges, and other higher education establishments.

Formation: The councils are set up in individual institutions and are comprised of students, faculty members, and sometimes industry representatives. These councils act as nodal points to coordinate and encourage various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities on campus.

Activities: Institution Innovation Councils organize a range of activities to promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking. These activities may include hackathons, workshops, seminars, startup competitions, and networking events.

Mentoring and Support: The councils often provide mentoring and support to students and faculty members who have innovative ideas or are interested in starting their own ventures. This support may include access to resources, guidance on project development, and connections to industry experts.

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