Minority Cell

Minority Cell

The minority cell is functioning in Majlis Arts and Science College since its establishment in 1995. The objectives of the cell are to

  • Evaluate the progress of the development of the minority students in the campus.
  • To monitor the effective implementation of safeguards of the minorities as per the government rules.
  • To look into the specific complaints regarding the deprivation of rights and safeguards of minority students and to take such matters with appropriate authorities.
  • To prevent discrimination against students on grounds of minority.
  • The minority cell is constituted as follows

Members of Minority Cell

Committee Members
Sl No Name Designation Role
1 Dr. Mohamed Kutty K K Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Noushad N Director Vice chairman
3 Mr. Mohamed Rafi.N HOD, Physics Member
4 Mr. Rajesh. V.P HOD, Mathematics Member
5 Mr. Harimohan.C.S Asst. Prof. Chemistry Member
6 Mr. Mohamed Dilshad Second year BCA Member
7 Mr. Mohamed Shafi Second Year M.Sc Physics Member

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