Health Club


Club Advisor :
Muhammed Rafeeq TK,  HoD, Physical Education

The club is functioning in the campus under the physical education department. The club aims to create a healthy generation through health and fitness education programmes and also create a awareness about the health status of the members of the staff and students in the campus. We conduct health check up camps, workshops on physical fitness and blood donation camps in the campus. The club promote and educate  hygienic lifestyle among students and staffs with a balanced diet, simple home remedies for common ailments and choices for a healthy living.


Yoga center for students
To keep the young minds at peace and to facilitate the recognition and realization of the self the college maintains the yoga club. Regular yoga practice can promote strength, endurance, calmness, flexibility and well being.  The main objective of yoga is to integrate moral values and self acceptance. The yoga club spreads awareness about the importance of yoga among the students as well as the staff members.

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