Majlis Job Fair 2024: Inauguration: Dr. R. Bindu (Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice, Government of Kerala.)

Majlis Job Fair 2024

Date: May 27, 2024

The Majlis Arts and Science College Autonomous was honored to host the inauguration of the Majlis Job Fair 2024 on May 27, 2024. Dr. R. Bindu, the esteemed Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice, Government of Kerala, graced the occasion with their presence, marking the event’s significance and commitment to empowering opportunities for our students.

Inauguration Ceremony Highlights:
Dr. R. Bindu commenced the inauguration ceremony with an inspiring address, emphasizing the pivotal role of job fairs in shaping the career paths of students and promoting inclusivity in employment opportunities. Their insightful remarks resonated with attendees, highlighting the government’s steadfast commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at fostering skill development and social justice.

Attendees and Participation:
The inauguration ceremony witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty members, and esteemed guests from various industries. Attendees were provided with a platform to interact with representatives from leading companies, explore internship opportunities, and gain valuable insights into the current job market trends.

Key Objectives:
The Majlis Job Fair 2024 aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, providing students with exposure to diverse career pathways and facilitating meaningful connections with potential employers. By fostering a conducive environment for networking and professional development, the fair endeavors to empower our students to embark on successful career journeys post-graduation.

The inauguration of the Majlis Job Fair 2024, graced by Dr. R. Bindu, was a resounding success, setting the stage for a dynamic and enriching event. As we embark on this journey to empower our students with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in the professional arena, we extend our gratitude to Dr. Bindu and all attendees for their unwavering support and commitment to our shared vision of fostering excellence and social justice through education.


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