Photography Workshop by Sony India Pvt Ltd.

Photography Workshop by Sony India Pvt Ltd.On May 4th, 2023, the Department of Media and Communications organized a photography workshop in collaboration with Sony India Pvt Ltd. The workshop aimed to provide participants with hands-on experience, insights, and techniques related to photography using Sony Alpha cameras and C-pro equipment. The Forenoon Session was led by Mr. Satish C, Sony Alpha Specialist. Mr. Satish C commenced the workshop with an introduction to Sony Alpha cameras, highlighting their features, capabilities, and advanced technologies. Participants gained insights into the specifications and functionalities of Sony Alpha series cameras, enhancing their understanding of digital photography. He shared creative photography techniques and tips to help participants capture stunning images. Topics covered included composition principles, lighting techniques, use of depth of field, and framing. Participants were encouraged to experiment with different creative approaches to enhance their photographic skills.

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