Trending Tech in IT

The workshop, a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and Jet King Kochi Learning Center, offered participants insights into trending IT technologies like Cloud Computing and Cyber Security. Its aim was to equip attendees with practical knowledge and skills essential for navigating today's technology-driven world.

Introduction to Python Programming

Majlis College, alongside the Department of Computer Science, hosted an "Introduction to Python Programming" program. It provided participants with a basic understanding of Python's fundamentals, enabling them to begin exploring its applications in diverse fields.


HackRun aimed at showcasing students the possibilities of cybersecurity and the prevalent dangers of cybercrimes in today's world. Through this initiative, participants gained insights into cybersecurity practices and the importance of safeguarding digital assets against evolving threats.


A national seminar on Data Science was held at Majlis Arts and Science College, organized by the Computer Science Department. It provided a forum for discussions on the applications and significance of Data Science in various domains.


The Computer Science Department organized another program focused on Cybersecurity. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats and strategies to mitigate them. Participants gained valuable insights into safeguarding digital assets and the importance of cybersecurity in today's interconnected world.



The Computer Science Department conducted a program introducing participants to trending technology, offering insights into emerging tech trends and their potential impacts.


The Computer Science Department at Majlis Arts and Science College hosted a program on e-waste recycling, emphasizing responsible disposal practices and environmental awareness.

Convacation 2023

This year’s convocation ceremony for the graduating batch was a proud and successful event.  The proceedings went smoothly, marking a fitting end to the academic year.  It was a moment of celebration and accomplishment for all involved.

Ifthar Meet

2nd Year BCA students and teachers recently hosted an exceptional Iftar party that outshone others with its inclusive atmosphere and interactive session. Beyond the delicious food, the event fostered genuine connections across diverse backgrounds, showcasing the community's unity and commitment to inclusivity. It set a new standard for Iftar gatherings, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended

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