Open Course Information

Open Course Information

Course Code Title Hours/Week Credit
Open course PE5D03 Physical Activity Health & Wellness 3 5
Course Outcome

Course Outcome

Course Code Course Outcome
PEN5D03 CO1-Understand the concepts of physical education, Health & Wellness.
CO2-Understand the fitness and physical fitness
CO3-Assess components of physical fitness.
CO4-Know about science of Yoga and its benefits
CO5-Understand First Aid for sports injuries
CO6-Know the postural deformities and their corrective measures.
CO7-Understand Lifestyle and Hypo kinetic diseases.
CO8-Understand how to control Emotions and manage stress
CO9-Know about good posture
CO10- Understand 8 limbs of yoga
Add-On Course Information

Add-On Course Information

Name of Add-On/Certificate Programme Course Code Year of Offering No of Times Offered During the Same Year Duration of Course No of Students Enrolled No of Students Completing the Course Summary and Outcome
Ten Yoga Asanas MASC/PHED/YA/21 2020-2021 1 30 Hrs 49 49 The students will be able to learn and identify the importance of yoga in their life

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