• Hated Bodies: Queer Cultural Politics in Deepa Mehta's "Fire", 'Literary Herald', Vol.3 Issue 1, June 2017 by Mr. Dinesh. A
  • The Cuisine of Malabar: An Exploration of Popular Food Culture, 'Literary Herald', Vol. 3, Issue-1, Addendum-5 (Special Issue), March 2019 by Mr. Dinesh. A
  • The Voice of Downtrodden: Portrayal of Dalit Women in Bama's "Sangati", Singularities, a Peer Reviewed Biannual Journal, Vol.1,2016 by Mr. Dinesh. A
  • “Traditional Art Forms of Lakshadweep” in Lang Lit, an International peer reviewed open access journal (ISSN 2349-5189)
  • “The Social and Political Milieu Depicted in the First Malayalam Novel, Indulekha,” in L ORDINE NUOVO Publications (ISBN 978-81-94309-32-1)
  • “Matrilineal System and the Role of Women in Lakshadweep” in DGM MES Mampad College Publications (ISBN- 978-93-5396-247-0)

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