Majlis Observer:

The students from  second year BA  Multimedia, Mass Communication and Visual Communication publishes the last issue of the  Newspaper Majlis Observer on 28th November 2023. Majlis Observer aims to serve as a platform for the students of BA  Multimedia, Mass Communication, and Visual Communication to express their creativity,  share their perspectives, and engage with relevant issues through the medium of print  journalism. By publishing six issues throughout the year, we strive to uphold the principles of  journalistic integrity, foster critical thinking, and promote dialogue within the student  community. Mr. Shihabudheen P (Assistant Professor) is the staff editor of the Newspaper.  Majlis Observer remains committed to promoting journalistic excellence, fostering creativity,  and serving as a voice for the students of BA Multimedia, Mass Communication, and Visual  Communication. The newspaper is updated with the latest news, features, and events by  Majlis College.

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