E-content development Center (e-CDC)

e-CDC is one of our unique platforms in the state of Kerala, where teachers produce their e-Contents. All the technical duties are handled by our students from capturing the Class to Making a final output as part of the student centric Experiential Learning. Here students get a chance to practice camera and various video recording equipment as well as advanced software for e-content production. Here we are using advanced technologies for producing e-Content

Photography Studio 

Photography Studio Consists Indoor and outdoor photography units.

Animation and Vfx Studio

Animation and Vfx Studio have lightboards and most modern rendering engines for animation production purpose

Mass Media - youtube channel

Our students are capturing beautiful moments and programs on campus and delivering them to the world through our youtube channel. Students produce various kinds of programmes for the youtube channel including news bulletins, Music programs, live events on the campus, documentaries, short films special programs, etc. The channel is having a Director Board where students make decisions and discussions under the supervision of Faculties. The duties are assigned to students as part of the Student-centric Experiential learning policy of the institution.

Click Here for our YouTube Chanel 

Audio Recording and Mixing Studio

Audio Recording and Mixing Studio consists Digital and analogue mixer and industry standard applications

Graphics and Visual Design Workstation 

Graphics and Visual Design Workstation consists industry standard applications and graphic machines

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